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Calisthenics Parks

About Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a wordwide bodyweight fitness training phenomenon. From the training parks of New York City and the post sowjet workout parks of moscow this massive fitness trend hits the world. The word comes from the ancient greek and means “beauty & strenght”. It´s the are to develop a good physique with bodyweight training.

There are some longlasting urban legends telling that the ancient greek (in special the spartans) use this kind for bodyweight fitness exercices to develop their strength. But in fact bodyweight exercices based training is a universal thing done by humans for generation and influencing many sport disciplines.

The modern way of this bodyweight fitness trend “calisthenics” is connected to the street workout movement. Inspired by some new york athletes and also some eastern europe sportsman there is a worldwide movement to use public outdoor fitness infrastructur like outdoor gym for advanced strength training in the streets.

Basic exercices in street workout

  • Pull ups / Chin ups
  • Push ups
  • Squats
  • Dips
  • Muscle ups

With upcoming popularity there is now much more infrastructure for this kind of training like special calisthenics gym or special really big outdoor fitness parks called “Calisthenics Parks”.

There is a increasing amout of training parks like this all over the world. Look for street workout parks on the following map.